GoRideShares is a ride matching system that allows commuters to quickly and securely find a carpool. Commuters are matched based on start location, travel time, destination and travel route as well as preferences.

GoRideShares can save commuters money, help relief driving stress and reduce emissions polution, and furthermore, it help you make friends and make funs...
We are here strive to connect you from anywhere to anywhere at anytime at lowest price, It is so cool!
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Seek Passenger ScarboroughHamilton Jul. 15 12:00 3$60.00
Seek Passenger TorontoNiagara Falls Jul. 15 12:00 3$48.00
Seek Passenger TorontoWindsor Jul. 15 12:00 3$42.00
Seek Passenger TorontoOttawa Jul. 15 14:00 3$48.00
Look for Car TorontoOttawa Jul. 15 14:00 1$29.00
Seek Passenger TorontoWindsor Jul. 15 16:00 3$36.00
Seek Passenger TorontoMontreal Jul. 15 16:15 3$48.00
Seek Passenger TorontoOttawa Jul. 15 17:00 3$36.00
Seek Passenger WaterlooLondon Jul. 15 17:00 3$0.00
Look for Car WaterlooLondon Jul. 15 17:00 3$0.00

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Benefits of Ridesharing

  • Save Money. Share the cost of gas & parking. Reduce miles driven to save car maintenance expense. Add more people to save more!
  • Relief Stress. With someone else drive for you, you can sleep, read or relax.
  • Reduce pollution. With fewer cars on the road, greenhouse gas emissions are reduced. therefore you help reduce traffic and thus improve air quality.
  • Save Time. Allowed to access quick-moving High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes.
  • Convenient. Carpool drivers create suitable arrangements to best meet their commute needs.
  • Easy. Find a partner to share the ride is fast and easy on GoRideShares.com
  • Funny & Make friends. Long distance trip is boring; with other people sit beside talking and laughing, It's funny and you may have chance to make friends

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